Google Caught Suppressing Breitbart News

Google Caught Suppressing Breitbart News

( – Censorship or restriction of conservative messages on online platforms is, by now, unsurprising. On Tuesday, October 27, Breitbart News gave us yet another example of it.

The right-wing news organization initially published a report detailing the analysis it undertook in July of this year. It showed a reduction of 99% in Breitbart’s Google search visibility compared to the same time in 2016. RealClearPolitics later posted an article confirming these findings.

In an article from this week, the news organization shows that many of its posts cannot be found on Google even if you search for the exact headline. Instead, the search engine will show posts from smaller websites that have plagiarized Breitbart’s content.

While these kinds of findings are no longer shocking, they remain disturbing. Tech companies control what the general public sees and hears. If conservative messages can’t form a meaningful part of that content, they have no chance of taking hold.

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