Glenn Beck Announces New Museum to Teach REAL History

Glenn Beck Announces New Museum to Teach REAL History

( – The American Journey Experience is a new museum that takes a close, unfiltered look at America’s past. It aims to bring visitors closer to important events by featuring original artifacts and relying on genuine documentation so there’s no room for revisionism.

Glenn Beck, the journalist, political commentator, and historian, is the man behind this initiative. Beck has been a strong supporter of Donald Trump during this election season.

The museum will feature artifacts from all periods of American history. Highlights include Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wheelchair, handwritten letters from George Washington, and an Aitken Bible. The museum also includes a training center. Here, adults and college students will be able to take two-week courses dealing with various aspects of American history and cultural values.

Even the keenest students of history always have more to learn about the past. Initiatives like this one, which aims to bring American history to life in as accurate a way as possible, are especially valuable today. At a time when our most basic values are up for debate, it’s important to have a clear picture of our American heritage.

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