Giant Explosion in Sky Involving US Military

Giant Explosion in Sky Involving US Military

( – Americans have been looking to the skies ever since the US military shot several objects, including a Chinese spy balloon, out of US airspace. Witnesses say there was yet another explosion over Kentucky recently. However, this time it ended in tragedy.

A group of nine service members with the 101st Airborne Division, the Army’s only air assault division according to the branch, were flying a pair of HH60 Blackhawk helicopters in the skies over Trigg County, Kentucky. The service members onboard were practicing medical evacuation drills.

A witness claims the two choppers were flying unusually close to each other when suddenly there was a massive explosion. The person mentioned it wasn’t long before there was another helicopter circling the area, followed by sirens as ambulances and emergency personnel arrived.

According to the Associated Press, one helicopter was carrying five soldiers while the other was carrying four, a typical setup for those types of exercises. None of the nine people involved survived the incident. The Army hasn’t released the names of the fallen soldiers and will not do so until their families have been notified.

A spokesperson for the branch didn’t offer any details about the accident, such as whether or not the two aircraft collided mid-air. Deputy Commander of the 101st Airborne Division Brigadier General John Lubas explained the nine soldiers were flying in formation while wearing night vision goggles as part of a training exercise.

The aircraft have devices that record the performance of the helicopters leading up to the crash, similar to the black boxes found on commercial planes. Officials are hoping these devices can offer some insight into what happened that caused the deadly accident.

In the meantime, military investigators, alongside the Kentucky State Police and other agencies, are looking into the incident. Reports from multiple outlets suggest the helicopters went down 25-40 miles away from Fort Campbell, located along the Kentucky-Tennessee border, which is where the 101st Airborne Division is based.

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