Geraldo Rivera Calls Hunter Biden a “Parasite”

Geraldo Rivera Calls Hunter Biden a

( – It’s hard to believe the New York Post story that threatened to derail Joe Biden’s presidential campaign came out nearly two months ago. The bombshell report — which tech companies scrambled to censor after its publication — detailed unethical business dealings between Hunter Biden and Ukrainian business executives.

While some may have forgotten about this story, Hunter Biden’s issues haven’t gone away. On Wednesday, December 9, Geraldo Rivera discussed him in detail on Fox News. He referred to the younger Biden as a “parasite,” and expressed his concern that Hunter’s past actions would overshadow his father’s potential presidency.

This came in the context of Hunter Biden’s own admission that his tax affairs are currently the subject of a federal investigation.

Joe Biden is far from the perfect politician, but he has never — as far as we know — been involved in the kind of improprieties of which Hunter has been accused. Unless the Biden family makes a frank and forthright public statement about these matters, rumors and allegations will continue to follow them everywhere they go.

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