Gas Prices Break Yet Another Record in US

Gas Prices Break Yet Another Record in US

A NEW RECORD – Look How Much Gas Costs Now

( – Inflation has been the buzzword of the day in the United States for some time now, and gas prices seem to be one of the most problematic issues of all. Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the cost of filling a car with fuel has reached unprecedented levels. Reports from earlier this week indicate gas prices are continuing to break records.

Statistics from AAA indicate the price of a gallon of gas hit a national average of over $4.43 this week — the highest recorded price to date. The average price of premium fuel was over $5, and the cost of a gallon of diesel surpassed the $5.50 mark.

The situation is at its worst on and near the West Coast, with average gas prices in both California, Nevada, and Hawaii exceeding $5 a gallon. Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Alaska are also among the most expensive states in which to fill up your car right now.

As Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) pointed out in the tweet below on Tuesday, May 10, the problem doesn’t stop with gas. Grocery prices are also climbing, and the country is in the grip of a severe baby formula shortage.

President Joe Biden has promised to address this issue repeatedly, but some remain skeptical as prices continue to rise. Critics have continued to slam him for attempting to place the blame entirely on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Could the Biden administration be doing more to alleviate these issues and protect American consumers?

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