Fox News Star Pushes Gun Control on National Television

Fox News Star Pushes Gun Control on National Television

( – America has once again seen a tragedy unfold after a lone gunman entered a bank in Louisville, Kentucky. He shot 13 people, leaving 5 dead and another 8 injured. Mass shootings occur at an alarming rate in the US, leading some to call for gun control. A Fox News contributor has now joined the effort. But is it really the guns that are a problem?

Ted Williams, a former police officer turned Fox News contributor, recently reacted to the devastating shooting at the Louisville bank during an episode of “Your World” on Fox News. Williams mentioned he heard, but hasn’t been able to confirm, that the shooter, 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon, spoke with a friend over the phone and said “he was suicidal” and that he had intentions of “shooting up a bank.”

Williams asserted to Neil Cavuto that if those rumors were true, Americans need to “look at” what’s happening in “our society.” The Fox News contributor mentioned the shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, during which a transgender shooter killed six people: three nine-year-olds and three staff members.

Williams noted it appeared that both shooters used AR-15-style weapons. He went on to explain that combined with the potential illness the Louisville shooter suffered from, it creates a “dangerous concoction.” Williams concluded his remarks by saying it’s time to “talk about guns,” adding that “AR-15s are killing our babies and our citizens” in the US. Cavuto agreed it’s “out of control.”

Will yet another mass shooting force conversations about AR-15-style rifles and firearms in general in America? The Left feels gun control is the answer, but others counter that the only people implementing such policies would impact are law-abiding citizens. After all, the law hasn’t prevented these people from killing others. Why wouldn’t they break it to obtain certain firearms?

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