Fox News Calls For CENSORSHIP – Actually Says It!

Fox News Wants Parler To Censor Kanye West

Fox News Wants Parler To Censor Kanye West

( – Musician and fashion designer Ye, also known as Kanye West, has been in the news a lot since his highly publicized split from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Ye has never been afraid to court controversy with his public statements, alienating more and more people with his increasingly outlandish takes on various topics. Fox News host Stuart Varney recently pushed George Farmer, the CEO of the free-speech platform Parler, to limit the rapper’s output on the platform.

During an appearance by Farmer on Varney’s Fox Business show on Tuesday, October 18, the host pressed the Parler executive directly on the company’s anti-censorship policy as it applies to Kanye West. He asked whether Parler would continue to allow “total free speech,” to include “antisemitic posts” like those for which West was recently banned from Twitter.

Farmer stated Parler executives were reluctant to censor supposed “hate speech.” He also claimed there was no obvious risk Ye would use Parler to broadcast antisemitic views.

Ye has recently been engaged in an effort to buy the Parler app. However, the process has had its difficulties, and it’s unclear whether it will go ahead.

What do you think of Kanye West’s recent public commentary? Will he have an impact, or will his over-the-top style alienate too many people?

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