Fox News Announces What’s Next

Fox News Announces What's Next

( – Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News recently announced that it would no longer be employing the often-polarizing Tucker Carlson. The news comes as a shock to many but seems to come as part of a mutual agreement between the host and the network to part ways. Fox News has now announced what’s coming up next for the network.

In its statement, Fox News thanked Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller News Foundation, for the time he dedicated to the network as both the host of the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show and his time as a contributor. Fox News noted that “Fox News Tonight” will be the “interim show” to fill the former host’s time slot until they find a more permanent solution.

The news of Carlson’s departure comes on the heels of another Fox News host’s separation from the network, Dan Bongino. The conservative commentator’s departure came as a result of a disagreement regarding his contract. However, Fox News didn’t offer any details as to why it was parting ways with Carlson.

Later the same day, CNN fired longtime host Don Lemon. The news of yet another prominent network host came as a shock, not just to Lemon, but to many people across the nation. The former CNN host took to Twitter to express his thoughts about his termination. Lemon explained his agent informed him of the network’s decision that morning.

The former host added he thought after nearly two decades of working for the network, “someone in management would have had the decency” to inform him personally and directly. Lemon noted there was no warning that he wouldn’t continue to work for CNN and that “it is clear” that some “larger issues” were “at play.”

What’s next for these networks? Will their decisions to drop some of the biggest names in the industry have a negative impact on their success?

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