Former Intelligence Official Warns Taliban Could Get Nukes

Former Intelligence Official Warns Taliban Could Get Nukes

( -The botched withdrawal of the American military from Afghanistan keeps causing problems at home and abroad.  Concerns run high about what might happen in the Middle East now that the Taliban is in a position of power once again. In a recent interview, Trump-era security advisor John Bolton went into detail on just how bad the situation might get.

According to Bolton, the Taliban may now be able to access around 150 nuclear weapons if it moves into a position of power in Pakistan, which neighbors Afghanistan. Pakistan has an extensive arsenal of atomic weapons, including approximately 160 nuclear warheads and 24 nuclear launchers.

These nuclear weapons would be in addition to the US military equipment that our troops left behind. Though it’s impossible to say how much of this equipment the militia recovered or how much it will be able to use, experts warn the loss may expose sensitive information about our military tools. This intelligence could even end up in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as the Taliban may develop an allegiance with the Asian giant going forward.

It appears the Afghanistan fiasco has the potential to keep getting worse for the Biden administration and the US.

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