Federal Judge Stops Trump’s High-Skilled Visa Immigration Rule

Federal Judge Stops Trump's High-Skilled Visa Immigration Rule

(RepublicanReport.com) – Immigration has been one of the touchstone issues of Donald Trump’s presidency. Responding to the public’s fears about employment and population control, Trump has attempted to limit various forms of immigration, both legal and illegal. However, he’s frequently met with resistance in this endeavor from the courts.

So it was on Tuesday, December 1, when a federal judge ruled against the administration’s recent attempt to impose new limitations on the H-1B immigration program. This visa framework allows foreign nationals with “highly specialized knowledge” in a given field to reside in the United States for a limited time.

The proposed restrictions aimed to keep high-skilled, high-paying jobs in the hands of American operatives. They would also have prevented companies from driving down wages by seeking cheaper labor from other countries.

The administration may yet be able to pass a measure like this if it can make appropriate modifications. Considering the degree to which immigration issues have become politicized in recent times, however, it may be difficult to enforce truly effective restrictions.

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