FBI To Investigate Mysterious Deaths Of Two US Border Patrol Agents

(RepublicanReport.org) – In January, the Bureau of Consular Affairs with the US Department of State updated its travel advisory for Colombia. It stated that US travelers should reconsider traveling to the country because of crime and terrorism. In addition, those who travel there could experience civil unrest and kidnapping. Recently, two US border agents died during and after visiting the country.

On June 21, an exclusive report stated agents Jaime Eduardo Cisneros and Alexander Ahmed, both 54 years old, traveled to Colombia in May. Cisneros was found dead in a hotel room in Medellin after an alleged interaction with a prostitute, while Ahmed committed suicide after returning to the States. US investors had been working with Colombian officials to investigate Cisneros’ death. Apparently, the hotel room was a mess, his wallet was empty, and valuables and his phone were missing. Before authorities could interview Ahmed, he killed himself in Texas.

According to the travel advisory, government employees had to take specific precautions if they chose to visit Colombia, including not using taxis or public buses, not using motorcycles, and being banned from traveling by road between most cities. Medellin was not specifically mentioned in the advisory or listed as one of the Do Not Travel areas of the country. Still, Colombian officials reported that 28 tourists this year have died in the city for various reasons, including illness, drug overdoses, murder, and suicide. While reports state that Medellin has been relatively safe recently, crime against foreigners has ticked up over the last year. Most of the murder victims in the region were Americans.

Medellin is a major city in Colombia located between the border of Panama and the country’s capital, Bogota. The area was once the headquarters location for drug lord Pablo Escobar and Medellin Cartel.

The US Border Patrol did not comment on the agents’ deaths, and the cause of Cisneros’ death is still unknown. The FBI is reportedly investigating the incident.

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