Facebook Blocks Video of Trump Interview

Facebook Blocks Video of Trump Interview

(RepublicanReport.com) – Facebook banned former President Donald Trump from its platform in the wake of the Capitol riot in January of this year, citing concerns about violence. This action sparked a worldwide debate about freedom of expression and tech companies’ power to restrict it.

It’s not just Trump’s account that was banned, either; it now appears any content featuring him is unacceptable on the platform. On Tuesday, March 30, Lara Trump — daughter-in-law of the former president — announced the scheduled release of an interview with him for her podcast on Instagram.

However, Facebook (which owns Instagram) contacted Trump officials to warn that any content featuring “President Trump’s voice” would violate their rules and be taken down.

Lara Trump posted the interview to her Facebook page despite the warning. Facebook removed the video and emailed to notify her of the reasons for the deletion and to warn her about possible “additional limitations” on her account if she posted similar content again.

Lara Trump expressed outrage at the post’s removal, saying the move brought us “one step closer to Orwell’s 1984.”

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