Elon Musk Thinks Only Parents Should Vote

(RepublicanReport.org) – The fierce love of a parent fighting for their child’s future is in a category all its own. As the father of nine living children, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk knows this all too well. The often controversial owner of Twitter recently shared some insight into politics and parenthood on his social media site. However, his opinion was received with mixed reactions.

On Saturday, July 1, a Twitter user shared a video of an imam talking about how to spread the religion and rule of Islam in France. Musk replied to this tweet, writing, “he is right,” then following up, saying that “the childless have little stake in the future.” This implies that only people who have children vote with future generations in mind, leading some to believe that Musk only wants people with kids to have the power to vote.

These tweets come after years of Musk warning listeners about the declining US population. As people have fewer children, there are fewer working people to take care of the elderly and pay taxes, eventually leading to staffing issues and a significant decrease in funding for Social Security and other government programs. This thinking has caused some people to ask the question: if the US population is going to crash, would making parenthood a requirement for voting solve the low birth rate problem?

According to provisional data from 2022, the slight decline in births from 2021 to 2022 was “nonsignificant,” but from 2014 to 2022, the US birth rate dropped an average of 2% yearly. As the birth rate continues to drop, there are fewer US-born citizens.

According to census.gov, a child is born in the US every 8 seconds, while someone dies every 11 seconds. This, in addition to an international migrant arriving approximately every 32 seconds, means the US has a net gain of one person every 16 seconds. With these numbers, it seems the US population will not shrink; it will simply continue to become even more of a mixing bowl of diversity than ever before.

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