El Paso Whistleblower Lifts the Lid on COVID Patients Coming from Juarez

El Paso Whistleblower Lifts the Lid on COVID Patients Coming from Juarez

(RepublicanReport.com) – Texas is one of the country’s worst COVID-19 hotspots right now, and El Paso is taking as much damage as anywhere. However, not all is as it seems in the city, which lies just two miles from Mexico.

El Paso & Juarez

The Mexican city of Juarez is just across the border, and the two cities are very closely connected. People in the area go back and forth across the border regularly for shopping trips, family visits and similar reasons.

El Paso’s firefighters, who run an ambulance service, are not permitted to discuss how many COVID-19 patients they collect from the international bridges on the American side of the border. However, an anonymous whistleblower has come forward to shed some light on the matter.

The individual in question shared details of daily pickups from border crossings. The whistleblower stated that, on some days, 13 or 14 trips are made to pick up patients and bring them to American hospitals in El Paso.

Dwindling Resources & Growing Case Rates

The anonymous source was keen to stress the service did not oppose helping Mexican COVID-19 patients. The firefighters see helping people as the ultimate aim of their job, regardless of nationality. However, they also state the current situation is unsustainable, putting too much pressure on El Paso’s ambulance system and thereby endangering the lives of its own citizens.

Authorities in El Paso have enforced a 10 p.m. curfew in an attempt to stall the virus. They’ve also set up emergency hospital beds in a local convention center.

Private healthcare services do not pick up international patients coming from Juarez. Anyone who needs treatment in this way does so at the expense of US taxpayers.

Highlighting issues like these is difficult, as discussions about immigration and border control invariably provoke strong reactions from both right and left. However, something about this situation clearly has to change. Unless local officials can take action to rectify it, El Paso could be left in a dangerously vulnerable position.

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