“Duck Dynasty” Star Calls for Unity After Election

(RepublicanReport.com) – Korie Robertson, the reality TV star who rose to fame on “Duck Dynasty,” took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the election on Tuesday, November 3. She shared photos of herself and members of her family as they waited to cast their votes.

Robertson’s caption addressed the division that currently exists across America. She alluded to the “seriousness of the day” and acknowledged the idea that half the country’s population would be left with a leader they didn’t want.

She went on to express gratitude for the friends, family, and other community members voting with her. She also said she was thankful for the democratic process in America, and that she would get the opportunity to vote again in 2024. She concluded by praying for people to “love each other” and encouraging her followers to vote.

Robertson did not mention who she voted for in her post. In a way, this added to the value of the message. This kind of bipartisan appeal to Americans to be good to each other, without regard for political orientation, is something more celebrities should try. It could help to lessen some of the tension that exists in the US at the moment.

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