Dr. Scott Atlas Resigns From COVID-19 Task Force

Dr Scott Atlas Resigns From COVID-19 Task Force

(RepublicanReport.com) – While we’re inching closer to the day when we can finally roll out COVID-19 vaccines to the general public, the debate about lockdowns still rages on. Many commentators have criticized the idea of strict movement restrictions, citing the potential for damage to both physical and psychological health.

Dr. Scott Atlas, President Trump’s special adviser on COVID-19 has consistently been one such voice. However, on Monday, November 30, Atlas announced his resignation from the task force.

In his resignation letter (which is attached to the tweet below), Atlas mentioned he had always tried to highlight the “harms of prolonged lockdowns.” He praised the president and the other operatives on Operation Warp Speed, and wished the remaining team members well.

Like everyone who spoke out against the accepted narrative about lockdowns, Scott Atlas came in for harsh criticism. However, he never let that stop him from expressing his beliefs honestly. When the dust settles on 2020, it will be people like Dr. Atlas that we remember as having fought the good fight.

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