Dozens Dead as Hawaii Wildfires Burn

New Mexico Wildfire Makes History as Thousands of Acres Are Set Ablaze

( – Extreme and dangerous heat has plagued much of the United States this summer, with temperatures regularly peaking well over 100 degrees in some places. That type of weather does not come without consequence, as people have lost their lives, and the combination of heat and dryness makes the conditions prime for fire. Recently, brush fires in the Hawaiian islands turned deadly as wind and low humidity fanned and carried the flames, creating a blaze across Maui.

On August 10, the County of Maui reported on social media that 53 people had been confirmed dead from the wildfires in Maui — 36 on August 9 and another 17 the next day. Maui County Mayor Richard Bissen released a video update stating, “tragedy that hits one of us is felt by all of us.” The county leader went on to talk about the lives cut short during this tragedy and the property decimated across the island. Bissen said the community is grieving the losses together, commending the first responders for the work they have done and continue to do.

Thousands of people have had to evacuate their homes to safety in shelters. Sadly, the fires hit Lahaina, a historic town dating back to the 1700s. People reported the area is a popular tourist destination and home to one of the largest communities on that part of the island. Many cultural landmarks in Lahaina have been damaged or destroyed by the blaze — including the famed banyan tree.

Maui County provided an update to Facebook about the fire situation on August 11. Officials said firefighters are still trying to contain and extinguish the fires in Upcountry Maui, Lahaina, and Pulehu/Kihei. They noted that nearly 15,000 visitors have fled from Maui on planes, and buses and shuttles are available to transport people from their hotels to the airport for departure. The announcement didn’t list any further casualties.

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