Donald Trump Repeated “Hang” Mike Pence Chant

( – Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide who worked directly under former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, just released her biography, “Enough,” which includes scathing accusations against Donald Trump. Among them, she claims she overheard the MAGA leader repeatedly chanting “hang” while watching the January 6 chaos unfold on TV.

Hutchinson insists she overheard the words while handling a cell phone over to Meadows, so the chief of staff could speak with staunch Trump supporter Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). She claims she stood in the office doorway, which Meadows later propped open with his body as he talked to the Ohio representative, and attempted to eavesdrop. The former aide alleges she overheard Trump watching the Capitol riot on the television in the office dining room and chanting “hang” along with the crowd as it screamed for Mike Pence.

The next day, Trump expressed his dismay across various social media outlets including Facebook. In the post, he said Pence failed “to do what should have been done” in what he claimed was to rightfully reject Biden’s win. The MAGA leader has held to his narrative that Democrats cheated their way into the White House.

“Enough,” currently Amazon’s number-one bestselling book, comes in the wake of Hutchinson’s testimony as a key witness against Trump in the US House Select Committee’s investigations into the Capitol attack. The former president currently faces four criminal counts related to incidents that occurred on and before January 6, 2021. A 45-page indictment accuses him of taking multiple illegal steps, including instigating the Capitol riot, in an effort to retain power after losing the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

Hutchinson claims she dreamed of working in Washington, DC, ever since visiting the nation’s capital during her childhood, but her position under Meadows and Trump forced her to choose between being loyal to her country or to Trump. Before making the jump to presidential aide, Hutchinson worked for the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. She also interned for Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), the current Majority Leader of the US House of Representatives, and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who, according to People, called the young aide a “tattletale.”

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