Donald Trump Predicts Only He Can Prevent WWIII

Donald Trump Predicts Only He Can Prevent WWIII

( – Former President Donald Trump is on the campaign trail, and he is making promises to the American people. One of the 45th POTUS’ promises is that he will end the war in Ukraine and prevent a larger conflict.

On March 13, Trump spoke at an event in Davenport, Iowa. He told the crowd he is the only 2024 candidate who “can prevent World War III.” He slammed President Joe Biden for allegedly allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to begin the “disastrous war in Ukraine.” He claimed that while in charge, he told his Russian counterpart not to start the war.

Trump went on to claim that Democrats are saying that Putin wouldn’t have invaded its neighbor if he were in charge. He didn’t elaborate on what Dems made those claims. The former POTUS also accused the US military, Biden Administration, and State Department of being “too weak” and “don’t know what the hell they’re doing.” He told the attendees at the political speech that he would end the war within “24 hours” of taking office.

The former president also claimed President Joe Biden is driving Russia “into the arms of China.”

China and Russia share a land border and signed the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation in 2001. The two nations have been holding joint military exercises for years. In 2017, they held their first joint Naval drill in the Baltic Sea but had previously held drills together in other places dating back to 2012. In recent months, there have been concerns about China propping up Russia in the war.

Trump didn’t explain to the event’s attendees how he intends to stop the Russian war on Ukraine. But he believes that America’s enemies are “desperate to stop” the US when the US is the only force that can stop its enemies.

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