Donald Trump Endorses GOP Candidate for Senate

Donald Trump Endorses GOP Candidate for Senate

( – After remaining relatively quiet earlier in the year, former President Donald Trump is weighing in on political discourse more and more in recent weeks. Despite still being banned from posting on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Trump has made his voice heard on a number of occasions.

Now, he’s throwing his weight behind one of his political allies in his run for the US Senate. On Wednesday, April 7, Trump provided a statement to Newsmax on his endorsement of Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) in his bid to become a US Senator for Alabama. The incumbent, Senator Richard Shelby (R), has indicated he will not seek to reclaim his seat when his term ends in 2022.

In his statement, Trump called Mo Brooks a “great Conservative Republican leader.” He mentioned Brooks’ commitment to Second Amendment rights and the military, his opposition to President Joe Biden’s “open border agenda,” and his fight for “voter integrity.”

With Donald Trump’s endorsement, Brooks is likely to become the clear favorite to claim the GOP nomination for Alabama’s next Senate race.

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