DOJ Announces Support for Trump-Era Oil and Gas Project

DOJ Announces Support for Trump Oil and Gas Project

( – America’s energy industry has taken a hammering under President Joe Biden. On his first day in office, he stopped work on the Keystone XL pipeline, putting thousands out of work and leaving the future of the important project uncertain. Now Biden is calling for billions of dollars of spending on questionable climate change initiatives.

It was encouraging, therefore, to see the Biden administration announce its support for a promising Trump-era energy project last week. On Wednesday, May 26, the Department of Justice indicated in a court filing that a proposal to undertake drilling operations in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve was “reasonable,” and could legally go ahead.

Experts suggest the initiative could produce 590 million barrels of oil over the coming three decades. Predictably, environmentalists are entirely unmoved by numbers like these. They’re already lining up to criticize Joe Biden for the perceived abandonment of his campaign promise to move the country away from fossil fuels.

Whatever the green lobby might say about it, America’s energy needs are immense, and they won’t be fully met by renewable sources any time soon. The Biden administration is to be commended for recognizing the continued need for fossil fuel and adopting this position.

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