Do NOT Put This Animal In Your Mouth!

National Park Service Tells Americans To Not Lick Toads

National Park Service Tells Americans To Not Lick Toads

( – It’s no secret many people are willing to take seemingly outrageous risks to experience a psychoactive “high.” The health drawbacks of drug use are well-documented, yet the number of Americans consuming the various substances remains high. A strange new story of this nature is emerging, and the National Park Service (NPS) has just issued a warning about it.

The NPS Facebook page recently made a post warning Americans not to lick Sonoran desert toads, also known as Colorado river toads. The light-hearted post highlights that secretions from the creature can “make you sick” if they get in your mouth, or if you handle one of the toads.

The post does not, however, detail the reasons why the warning became necessary. A New York Times report on this story explains the toad’s secretions have become highly sought-after in recent years due to their richness in 5-MeO-DMT, a potent hallucinogen. When ingested by humans, this compound causes an intense high for 15-30 minutes; some users believe the experience has a spiritual quality. People generally access the substance’s psychoactive properties by drying it into crystals and smoking it, rather than licking it directly from a toad.

The Times report also reveals the Colorado river toad is now threatened in some areas because of the popularity of its hallucinogenic secretions.

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