Democrats Want to Spend Money on Electric School Buses

Democrats Want to Spend Money on Electric School Buses

( – One of the most questionable things about Democrat policy nowadays is its insistence on prioritizing the environment above everything else. The Green New Deal, which was reintroduced in Congress this week, is the perfect example, proposing drastic emissions-reduction measures that make no fiscal sense.

That’s not all, though; there are plenty of smaller initiatives that don’t get as much publicity. Vice President Kamala Harris gave us a great example during a photo-op at a North Carolina bus manufacturing plant on Monday, April 19.

After saying that the children who travel to school on carbon-emitting buses each day are the victims of a “public health issue,” she reassured her audience that the Biden administration would be committing $20 billion to “electrify all school buses.” On Wednesday, Democrats unveiled the official legislation, which would invest $25 billion toward this cause.

In 2019, 14.3% of American children were reported to be living under the poverty line. Since the onset of COVID-19, that number may have increased. President Biden might be much better off spending his education budget fixing problems like this before pumping billions into electric school buses.

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