Democrats Using Gun Myths to Go After Gun Owners

Democrats Using Gun Myths to Go After Gun Owners

( – Most ordinary people believe in having the right to protect themselves, as set out in the Second Amendment, but the Biden administration seems to want to do away with that right. In fact, Democrats are so determined to erase individual rights to use firearms; they’ve been coming up with lies to make guns (and, by extension, their owners) look bad.

First, the claim that assault weapons need to be banned for public safety reasons is highly misleading. For example, in 2019, rifles accounted for just 2.6% of the total deaths from gun violence in the US, with the remainder of deaths attributed to other types of firearms.

In April of this year, President Joe Biden claimed people routinely purchase weapons at gun shows without background checks. As PolitiFact pointed out, that was essentially a lie. Federally licensed firearm vendors must perform background checks at gun shows, just like they would in a normal store.

Ironically, because of the uptick in violence we’ve seen since last year, demand for guns is through the roof. This isn’t just from white Conservatives; African-Americans are also purchasing weapons at unprecedented rates. Could the Democrats be any more out of touch with the people they claim to represent?

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