Democrats PULL OUT Of Major Swing State!

Democrats Pull Out of Swing State Florida

Democrats Pull Out of Swing State Florida

( – Florida is changing politically. For decades, the nation watched eagerly as presidential elections came down to the perennial swing state. Would huge margins in big cities be enough to overcome the sea of red in rural areas? There was always a good reason to believe the Sunshine State could go either way. Unfortunately for Democrats, times have changed.

On October 27, Politico published an analysis of the issues facing Democrats, not the least of which is confidence in their own candidates. The report notes national fundraising organizations have all but abandoned the Left’s candidates, opting to spend money in more competitive states. If the Democrats wave the white flag and drop Florida as a swing state, the implications for the 2024 election are staggering.

Florida has 29 electoral votes. For Biden to win without them would require victories in states like Georgia and Arizona, which may not be so eager to vote blue next time around. Planning an electoral map around the state is no easy task.

While nobody knows what will happen on election night, the races are pulling apart. Governor Ron DeSantis (R) might not just beat challenger Charlie Crist, he might beat him in Miami-Dade county, a longtime Democrat stronghold.

The news is bad for the Left. If Florida were to join states like Ohio and Iowa, once considered competitive but now solid red, the future of the Democratic party could be extremely uncertain.

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