Democratic Candidate Wants Even Higher Minimum Wage

Democratic Candidate Wants Even Higher Minimum Wage

( – Debate about the minimum wage has raged on for years. Some believe a higher baseline is essential to bring struggling families above the poverty line, while others think it would impose arbitrary restrictions on businesses and end up damaging the economy. One Democratic candidate who belongs to the former camp is advocating a radical increase to the federal minimum wage.

Rebecca Parson is running for Congress in Washington state. A far-left Democrat, she thinks the federal minimum wage should be at least $30 per hour. She published the tweet below on Thursday, April 21, claiming current demands for $15-per-hour were “antiquated.”

In the thread beneath the initial post, she argued $30-per-hour is the lowest wage rate that would guarantee an acceptable standard of living for one-parent families across the country. According to her, a single adult supporting one child needs that much money to survive. Another of her tweets in the thread states “no one should be poor in the richest country on Earth.”

Parson suffered a heavy defeat in Washington’s nonpartisan primary election in 2020, claiming only 13.5% of the vote. Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-WA) won the primary with 47.3% of the vote before going on to claim victory in the general election.

Do you think a federal minimum wage of $30-per-hour is a good idea?

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