Democracy Facing Major Threat, Report Says

Democracy Facing Major Threat, Report Says

( – Ask any American resident about the fundamental principles of the country they live in, and you’re likely to hear the word “freedom” mentioned at least once. Though we may disagree amongst ourselves about how best to use our liberties, few can deny that Americans have more freedoms than occupants of just about any other nation on the planet.

Unfortunately, the situation in some other countries could hardly be more different. Despite our rapidly developing and liberalizing world, many oppressive regimes endeavor to restrict their people as much as they can.

Freedom in the World 2021

On Wednesday, March 3, Freedom House published its annual report entitled “Freedom in the World.” It’s a long-form exploration of the strength of liberty and democracy in the world’s nations, tracking factors like transparency in government and political corruption.

Subtitled “Democracy under Siege,” this year’s report presented some stark findings. According to the authors, democracy and freedom suffered considerably in 2020 due to many factors.


Unsurprisingly, the pandemic played a huge role. As people worried about the impact of viral spread, they turned to their governments to impose movement restrictions. While lockdown rules in some areas enjoyed widespread support, other countries saw fierce resistance to the measures.

The report refers to “excessive surveillance, discriminatory restrictions, [and] … violent enforcement of such restrictions” and an overall deterioration of democracy in 2020.


The report looks at the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime in some detail. The authors allege the party has exploited a distrust of democracy to consolidate its power both at home and abroad, using a “global disinformation and censorship campaign” to achieve its goals.

The report also mentions Hong Kong’s situation specifically, highlighting the “demolition of [its] liberties and legal autonomy.” Hong Kong traditionally operated as a largely autonomous region within China, but CCP officials have been trying to limit its independence over the last couple of years.

This report brings worrying and unwelcome news. As the world emerges from the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, hopefully, some of these trends will begin to reverse. Unfortunately, with regard to the influence of oppressive regimes like the CCP, the path to freedom and representative democracy looks far less certain.

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