‘Dead’ Woman Fights to Get Her Life Back

'Dead' Woman Fights to Get Her Life Back

(RepublicanReport.org) – In movies and TV shows, it’s not uncommon to see a character “return” from the dead. Whether it’s because of a supernatural plot element or simply some trick or misunderstanding, it’s occurred countless times. However, when people thought to be dead in the real world suddenly re-emerge as their walking, talking, breathing selves, that truly is a cause for shock and alarm.

That’s exactly what happened to Jeanne Pouchain, a 59-year-old French woman. Authorities declared Pouchain dead in 2017 after a past cleaning business employee initiated a complex legal process. As part of this procedure, Pouchain’s husband and son received a letter stating she was dead and that her family allegedly had to pay the money she owed.


While this might sound like a laughable situation, the reality for the Pouchain family has been anything but funny. Despite being visibly and verifiably alive, Jeanne Pouchain has been unable to confirm this with authorities in France officially, a country notorious for “red tape” and bureaucratic complications. This means she hasn’t been able to access medical care, hold a driving license or passport, or look forward to receiving a pension. She and her husband have invested a huge chunk of their savings into rectifying the situation, but Jeanne Pouchain remains officially dead.

One can hardly imagine how frustrating this must be for Pouchain and her family. Hopefully, the legalities will be resolved sooner than later.

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