Daughter of High-Ranking Official Allegedly Executed in North Korea

Daughter of High-Ranking Official Allegedly Executed in North Korea

(RepublicanReport.org) – The eyes of the world have settled on Ukraine in recent weeks as the country’s war with Russia throws up harrowing scenes and media stories. A major event like this can almost lead people to forget about the other scandals unfolding in other corners of the world; rest assured, though, they haven’t stopped coming.

Reports have alleged the daughter of a senior official in North Korea was recently executed in public alongside her boyfriend. The pair were only identified publicly as “A,” and “B.” Around 300 people reportedly witnessed the execution.

A and B stood accused of watching, copying, and distributing South Korean movies, soap operas, and other programs. The court also alleged they imported a computer from China to do the illegal work, and made plans to do more advanced distribution by using printing equipment and photo editing tools.

The deceased woman’s family managed to avoid execution, but the authorities did send them to a political prison camp. The woman’s father was the director of the political department at the Ministry of State Security’s (MSS) South Pyongan Province branch.

These measures are part of a marked crackdown on material North Korean leaders view as potentially harmful to their totalitarian agenda.

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