Dark Money Floods Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee to Support Her

Dark Money Floods Biden's Supreme Court Nominee to Support Her

(RepublicanReport.org) – Historically, there’s been a lot of debate and discussion around the influence of money in politics. Special interest groups flex their muscles by funding political activity, and the source of the money isn’t always clear. A new stream of “dark money” is coming into play following President Joe Biden’s nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice.

Demand Justice is a dark money nonprofit with significant financial backing for liberal causes related to the Supreme Court. It pushed Justice Stephen Breyer to retire so Democrats might replace him with a longer-lasting liberal appointee and has also advocated packing the court. Now, it’s giving its support to Ketanji Brown Jackson, Biden’s nominee to replace Breyer on the nation’s highest court.

The term “dark money” describes political funding coming from groups that don’t disclose the identity of their donors. These groups are most often corporate entities or nonprofits (like Demand Justice). The fact we don’t know who’s providing these groups with funds creates issues in terms of transparency and potential unrecognized conflicts of interest.

Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon recently announced to media outlets his group is willing to do whatever it takes to persuade the US Senate to confirm Biden’s pick quickly.

Are you comfortable with the idea of dark money influencing the outcome of a SCOTUS nomination process?

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