Cruz Says Dems Will Replace Biden Last Minute

( – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) believes Democrats have big plans for their party, but they won’t include President Joe Biden. The Texas lawmaker feels strongly that the Left will keep the commander in chief in the running until the last minute, and then they’ll throw in a surprise replacement candidate. He believes there’s a good chance his fear will become a reality, and if it does, the results could be dangerous.

Likely Last-Minute Choice?

Like many Americans, Cruz is uncertain about Biden’s long-term standing in the Democratic primaries. Worries about the president’s age have left many voters wondering what the Left is thinking in continuing to pursue the 80-year-old candidate. Most Americans agree he’s too old, according to a recent article from The Wall Street Journal, and most also feel unfavorable about his overall performance. If he’s the best Democrats can come up with for the most important position in the country, the party might be in trouble.

A planned last-minute switch seems like the most reasonable course of action, even if it might be a gamble. The wrong choice could upset voters or push a front-runner who simply doesn’t have enough support from others in their party. For that reason, Cruz believes Democrats will ultimately choose Michelle Obama.

Dangerous Competition

Cruz adds that ousting both Obama and Harris in favor of another “white guy” would be “asking for trouble,” but choosing a woman like Elizabeth Warren would bring in too many political rivals. Obama is the clear choice because she appeals to black, female voters — but unlike Kamala Harris and other possible picks, the former First Lady hasn’t made a lot of enemies among her progressive peers, so she could also quickly gain traction.

Cruz reportedly believes former President Barack Obama has been silently running the country through Biden, who had served as his vice president for two terms, and he would continue to do so through his wife if she gained the Oval Office seat. He stated that anyone concerned with the direction the country has been taking should be scared.

Obama is just one of the possibilities Republicans have speculated as a last-minute ace up the Left’s sleeve. GOP primary candidate Nikki Haley believes Democrats pushing for a second Biden term are ultimately supporting a future presidency for Harris. The Republican hopeful told ABC News that she didn’t think the current commander-in-chief would likely survive long enough to finish another four years.

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