Crime Exploding in Aurora as Police “Walk Away” From Enforcement of Rule of Law

Crime Exploding In Aurora As Police

( – Given the number of violent protests we’ve seen across America already this year, it’s not exactly surprising to hear about increasing crime rates. However, some areas have seen an increase in illegal activity that’s scarcely believable. Aurora, Colorado is one such place.

The situation in Aurora has now become so bad that police officers are choosing to walk away from crimes rather than risk involvement in violent conflict. On Tuesday, October 20, The Daily Wire reported murders have increased in the area by a staggering 72% this year, compared to the first nine months of 2019. Robberies and armed assaults are also up, while arrests have dropped significantly.

Leading figures in Aurora’s police department have blamed a number of factors for these statistics. A softer approach from some officers, possibly owing to a “social justice” mentality, is allegedly part of the problem.

Another issue has been Senate Bill 217, which was introduced to foster greater police accountability. However, it’s resulted in a reluctance to engage with crime on the part of many officers.

We’re living in unprecedented times, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on law and order altogether. It’s clear we need leaders — at both the state and federal levels — who are willing to take a hard line on law enforcement.

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