COVID Shines New Light on Importance of Shopping Local

COVID Shines New Light On Importance Of Shopping Local

( – The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought terrible damage on both our public health systems and our economy. However, itโ€™s brought us certain positive things as well. Chief among these has been a renewed awareness of the importance of taking care of those close to us.

Local physical businesses have suffered during the pandemic, while large online retailers have enjoyed an unprecedented boom. This Christmas season, small business owners appealed to the public to return to their local stores when buying gifts and other festive goods.

Many small retailers took the opportunity to develop an online presence during the pandemic. This allowed people to support businesses in their areas without exposing themselves to the risk of catching the virus. However, it can take quite a while to get customers attracted to new online small business sites.

May we be left with a lasting impression of how important it is to support businesses in our local areas.

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