Court Blocks Biden’s Attempt to Dismantle Title 42 — for Now

Court Blocks Biden's Attempt to Dismantle Title 42 -- for Now

Biden Handed Another Devastating Loss In Court – Thank Goodness!

( – The border has been back in the news yet again in recent weeks, and it’s more bad news for President Joe Biden. He’s attempting to dismantle border protection rules like Title 42 and the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), but he has run into a number of legal hurdles. Now, the judiciary is once again standing in his way.

As reported by USA Today, on Monday, April 25, a federal judge blocked the CDC’s plan to discontinue the application of Title 42 on May 23 with a temporary restraining order. The agency announced its intentions in this regard at the start of April, spurring state leaders into action. Attorneys general in Louisiana, Missouri, and Arizona filed an initial lawsuit in federal district court in Louisiana to stymie the move, with other states subsequently joining the action.

Following the ruling, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich praised the judge in the case and criticized the Biden administration’s “flagrant disregard” for immigration laws and procedures. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) was another conservative to speak out in favor of the decision, saying it would help those attempting to stem the flow of the border crisis.

The temporary restraining order will give the courts more time to decide on the merits and legality of Title 42 before issuing a final ruling on the matter.

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