Cop Under Investigation After Mocking Deceased Woman

( – Jaahnavi Kandula, just 23 years old, was on a marked crosswalk when Seattle police officer Kevin Dave plowed through at roughly 70 miles per hour (MPH). The impact, which sent the woman’s airpods nearly 100 feet down the road, was fatal. A video of another officer recently surfaced that appears to mock the woman’s death, sparking angry backlash and an investigation into the policeman’s conduct.

Officer Daniel Auderer had his body camera turned on when he started discussing the case with coworker Officer Mike Solan. The footage gained attention after another employee in the department flagged the statements. Auderer’s words seemingly belittle the value of the woman’s life and question the investigation against Dave. The officer appears to defend his coworker, alleging the man had only been driving 50 MPH in the 25 MPH zone and discussing whether the victim had actually been thrown as far as reported. He then seems to laugh about the incident, adding that the woman “had limited value” because “she was 26,” incorrectly citing her age.

Kandula was a graduate student at Northeastern University and had nearly earned her master’s degree in information systems. She reportedly hoped to earn a position where she could offer financial support to her mother, who lives in India.

Publicola notes that a body struck at 70 MPH has almost no chance of survival, adding that Dave knowingly sped through a street with many crosswalks and heavy pedestrian traffic. A forensic analysis determined the fatal crash would likely have been averted if the driver had been going 50 MPH.

Auderer has since claimed that the video takes his conversation out of context. He alleges, according to the Daily Wire, that he was discussing the accident beforehand, talking about how tragic it was. He maintains that the words he spoke weren’t in mockery of the deceased, but of the lawyers, who he says wrongfully put monetary value on human lives during litigation.

The investigations into both incidents are still underway.

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