Consumer Fraud Reporting’s Top List of Scams

Consumer Fraud Reporting's Top List of Scams

( – As the world has moved more and more online over the last number of years, criminals have come up with countless ways to part unsuspecting victims from their money using technology to do it. While they’re often easy to spot, scams can catch anyone on a given day, and the outcomes for those who take the bait can be catastrophic.

Scam phone calls are one tool fraudsters use to ply their trade. They’ll typically call numbers using automated software that produces a voice claiming to be a representative of Amazon, another retail company, or a government agency like the FBI or IRS. They’ll then direct the potential victim to send money to an account to fulfill an order or pay a debt.

Bogus online advertisements are another trap to guard against. Here, ads will claim that the target just has to click on the ad to access great deals or win fabulous prizes. But, of course, the awards aren’t real. Instead, the ads want to infect the user’s computers with malicious software that will target their bank accounts or other sensitive information.

So, what should one do? Firstly, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Act accordingly. Next, if contacted by phone or email requesting sensitive information, always ask to verify the caller’s or sender’s identity. Better yet, hang up, and contact the agency yourself.

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