Conservative Group to Spend $10 Million to Push Election Integrity

Conservative Group to Spend $10 Million to Push Election Integrity

( – The security of our electoral systems came under close scrutiny last year. The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a shift toward absentee voting in most states, resulting in suspicions of fraud in some areas.

In an effort to help guarantee the security of future elections, a conservative action group has pledged $10 million for efforts toward changing voting security laws. On Monday, March 8, Heritage Action for America announced its plan to invest in campaigns to introduce new voter security legislation in eight battleground states. According to a group spokesperson, the aim of the project was to “protect the rights of every American to a fair election.”

The campaigns will feature advertisements across several platforms, along with lobbying of state lawmakers.

Election security has become something of a partisan issue since our last election. However, regardless of one’s political affiliation, it should be obvious that tighter voter security laws could help to rebuild some of the trust in our democracy that has been lost.

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