Companies Expose Big Tech at Senate Hearing

Companies Expose Big Tech at Senate Hearing

( – Big Tech firms have, in recent years, restricted access to a lot of online content that doesn’t fit with their worldview. This has contributed to a general push toward liberalism in the media over the last decade, as well as profound polarization in the political world. However, that’s reportedly not the only way in which they’ve abused their dominant positions.

On Wednesday, April 21, a number of smaller tech companies discussed the difficulties they face due to the dominance of Apple and Google in the mobile app market in front of the Senate antitrust committee. The smaller firms, including Spotify and Tile, claimed Apple and Google stifle competition in the market in several ways.

One tool the tech giants use is high fees; for example, app owners must share up to 30% of their revenue with Apple’s platform. Apple and Google can also “exclude or suppress” apps that compete with their own products.

It’s now becoming clear Big Tech has a level of power we could never have envisioned a decade ago. More inquiries like this one are necessary to unearth the true extent of their influence.

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