CNN’s Chris Cuomo Attacks Marco Rubio, Calls Him “Mr. Bible Boy”

CNN's Chris Cuomo Attacks Marco Rubio, Calls Him

( – Traditional American values have come under attack in recent years, with Liberals viewing Christianity as a key part of the “patriarchal society” they’re determined to dismantle. This disdain for religion has steadily seeped from the fringes into the mainstream.

On Monday, January 4, CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo gave us a perfect example of this trend. During a critique of senior Republican members of Congress, he scathingly referred to Marco Rubio as “Mr. Bible boy.” This was a reference to Rubio’s faith and his tendency to quote the Bible when discussing issues.

The US is increasingly becoming a secular nation. There are Americans of many different faiths, and plenty who choose to practice no religion at all. These preferences shouldn’t pose problems in a tolerant society. However, if prominent figures like Chris Cuomo feel comfortable bashing Christians in this way, we will never get to a place where all faiths are treated with equal respect.

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