CNN Refuses to Air Donald Trump’s Latest Ads (REPORT)

CNN Refuses to Air Donald Trump's Latest Ads (REPORT)

( – CNN’s liberal partiality has never been a secret, especially since Donald Trump entered the White House. Barely a day goes by without the network publishing some sort of hit piece on the president. As often as not, these stories play it fast and loose with the facts.

However, there’s a difference between biased reporting and an outright refusal to deal with certain narratives. On Monday, December 14, it was reported that WarnerMedia Inc., CNN’s parent company, refused the Trump campaign’s request to air two advertisements about election fraud. The ads sought to deal with the possibility that money-for-vote schemes and the voting credentials of dead persons had been used to win the election for Joe Biden. WarnerMedia reportedly rejected the ads because their content could not be substantiated.

It shouldn’t be surprising that WarnerMedia took this step; their anti-Trump bias runs far too deep to allow the publication of this kind of content on their network. If their financials are solid enough that they can afford to turn down advertising revenue, so be it. Voters looking for unbiased coverage have plenty of other places to turn.

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