Chinese Media Declares America a “Living Hell” Because of COVID-19

Chinese Media Declares America A

( – It’s difficult to deny COVID-19 has hit America hard. At the time of writing, we’ve had over 15 million cases, and close to 300,000 people have died from the virus.

These numbers are high for a variety of reasons. However, many commentators insist on blaming each coronavirus case on an administrative failure to enforce draconian movement restrictions. Now, it appears even the Chinese government is getting in on the act.

On Sunday, December 6, the Global Times (a state-run publication in China) launched a scathing attack on America’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. The article criticized the “indifferent attitude” of government officials, calling their failures to impose strict lockdowns a “heinous malfeasance.”

The lack of self-awareness shown by this article is, quite simply, astounding. China’s refusal to acknowledge its own role in causing the pandemic indicates how unwilling its government is to accept any kind of responsibility in relation to it. Of course, under the potential Biden administration, they’ll likely face very little resistance from America if they want to persist with this narrative.

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