Chinese Connection to Dominion Voting Machines Found (REPORT)

Chinese Connection to Dominion Voting Machines Found (REPORT)

( – Earlier in the year, our intelligence agencies released reports regarding attempts at election interference by actors from Russia, Iran, and China. The reports detailed misinformation campaigns and attempted hacks from each of the three, most of which were detected by federal agents.

However, it appears China may have been involved in a way we didn’t realize. On Monday, December 7, we learned that modems used in Dominion Voting Systems came from a Chinese company.

Of course, this isn’t a cause for suspicion by itself. However, it’s curious Dominion would have to look to a foreign third party for such a crucial component of their machines. When you consider this in the context of the alleged issues that have arisen with Dominion products, it’s obvious further investigation is necessary.

Until the electoral college members formally cast their votes next Monday, the presidential race is still up for grabs. If more news like this emerges over the coming days, anything could happen.

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