China and Russia Pose Grave Threat to US Space Tech

China and Russia Grave Threat to US Space Tech

( – With a budget and inventory that dwarfs those of other countries’ armed forces, the US military is by far the most developed in the world. However, that doesn’t mean innovation in other countries can’t pose a serious threat. Foreign aggressors are always looking for ways to gain a strategic advantage over our armed forces.

On Friday, May 7, US Space Force Chief of Space Operations General John W. “Jay” Raymond, along with Air Force representatives, spoke to the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee about growing threats from both China and Russia. According to Raymond, both countries are developing lasers and electronic jammers capable of interfering with US military satellites.

This is not a new problem; the tweet below is from 2019.

However, the situation appears to be getting worse, especially in the context of the threat China poses. A joint statement from Air Force leaders claimed China’s “exponential pace of weapons development,” obliges America to act with “a sense of urgency.” It went on to state that China “poses challenges unlike any other in our nation’s history.”

World politics is at its most chaotic in decades, and this is a situation our leaders cannot afford to ignore. With serious questions about President Joe Biden’s mental fortitude still swirling, defense officials are justified in being highly concerned.

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