Children Suspended For Using Biological Gender Pronouns

( – The proper use of pronouns has been a prominent issue across the United States. In fact, it has become common practice for many to ask about one’s preferred pronouns before addressing others in conversation in various settings, including work, social media, professional offices, and schools. Two children recently found themselves on the receiving end of a harsh punishment regarding the matter.

Fox News recently reported it had obtained an email from the former principal of Herbert Hoover High School in California, stating that the teens received a five-day suspension for misgendering a transgender student. According to the author of the email, Jennifer Earl, the two children ran away from the teacher to avoid correction.

The Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) told the news outlet that officials look at the intention behind the misgendering to determine whether the perpetrator was bullying a student or simply making a mistake. A spokesperson for the district said no child has ever “been punished” or “suspended” for using the wrong pronouns in error. The consequences are only reserved for those who do so for the purpose of “harassment or bullying.”

WCYB reported the misgendering was directed at a teacher and not another student. Regardless, the punishment was the same.

School officials said the pair would have to participate in restorative justice upon their return to school. According to the email, both students were taught about misgendering, which went well. The practice is a relationship-building exercise focused on repairing harm and restoring community balance.

Just last month, a group of parents criticized the GUSD for its curriculums on sexual orientation and gender identity. Some other parents commended the district for its inclusivity practices.

Do you think the children should have been suspended for the misgendering? Do you feel kids should even know how to properly address others with pronouns?

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