Charles Payne Slams Andrew Cuomo Over Santa Remark

Charles Payne Slams Andrew Cuomo Over Santa Remark

( – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has proven himself remarkably gaffe-prone in the recent past. But, just last week, he told New Yorkers they should be “happy” about the indoor dining ban that has crippled restaurants in the city.

On Monday, December 21, Cuomo told members of the press that he thought Santa would be “very good” to him this year because of how hard he had worked to fight COVID-19. Given the high death rate in the state, as well as the draconian restrictions in many areas, this remark did not play well for him.

Fox Business host Charles Payne was one analyst to condemn the comment. Labeling Cuomo an “egomaniac,” Payne reminded listeners that New York was the second-worst state for both pandemic-related bankruptcies and virus deaths. He also targeted Cuomo’s reference to hard work, commenting that many New Yorkers weren’t able to work at all because of the ballooning unemployment rate in the state.

At a time when people across Andrew Cuomo’s state are suffering because of his decisions, he should at least have the humility to remain solemn when speaking publicly.

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