CDC Removes COVID Test Requirement for International Travelers

CDC Removes COVID Test Requirement for International Travelers

COVID Testing SHAKE-UP – What You Need To Know

( – The COVID-19 pandemic is fading into the background of many people’s collective consciousness. However, while cases aren’t as high these days, the virus isn’t gone. As a result, there are still some very real reminders of the pandemic hanging around, such as masking and vaccine and testing requirements. Now, US authorities have repealed one such requirement.

The CDC announced passengers flying into the US from foreign destinations would no longer have to present negative COVID-19 tests to enter the country effective Sunday, June 12. The agency’s announcement cited high vaccination rates, the availability of effective treatments for COVID-19, and natural immunity as the reasons behind the decision. There was also a strong push for this move from the travel industry.

Recent data from the World Health Organization (WHO) apparently justified the CDC’s decision. The global health group revealed earlier this month that COVID-19 cases and deaths related to the virus are dropping in most regions worldwide. Southeast Asia and the Middle East are the only areas where this isn’t the case. However, the WHO also shared that vaccine uptake is declining in many nations and warned against complacency as the risk of a new, more dangerous variant is ever-present.

Do you think this is a step in the right direction by the CDC?

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