Build Back Better Will Build a Bigger, Badder IRS

Build Back Better' Will Build a Bigger, Badder IRS

( – The Biden administration’s $1.75-trillion Build Back Better Act is supposed to invest in families, healthcare and address climate change. Still, it also bolsters the power and reach of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In an attempt to close the tax gap that allegedly allows the wealthy to avoid liabilities, the legislation would give the unpopular federal agency about $45 billion in funding to conduct audits and enforce tax law. Sadly, the bill would only provide about $2 billion for taxpayer assistance services.

An increase in funding would allow the IRS to audit more people and potentially bring significant income to the federal government. That overreach would result in fear for Americans claiming legitimate expenses. Although the Build Back Better plan highlights the intention to target wealthier citizens in hopes of forcing them to pay their fair share, it’s possible that increasing IRS power would put all taxpayers under a microscope.

Some believe the additional funding will result in further complicating the already complex tax code. Without allotting the proper support for taxpayer assistance while strengthening the IRS, the Build Back Better legislation could negatively affect all those who file taxes. Instead of “weaponizing” the already unpopular agency, wouldn’t it be better to simplify taxes to help more citizens comply lawfully?

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