Boy Arrested After Protesting for 2 Genders

Boy Arrested After Protesting for 2 Genders

( – A high school in Ontario, Canada, came under fire after it suspended a student for expressing his feelings that there are only two genders. After months of not attending school, the teen attempted to participate in class despite being excluded. Instead, he left the establishment in handcuffs and in the back of a police car.

Getting Suspended

Josh Alexander, 16, spoke with The Epoch Times at the beginning of February to tell his story about how St. Joseph’s Catholic High School suspended him back in November. The teen explained that he had been protesting against transgender people using the women’s restroom and expressing his belief that God created only two genders during class debates.

Alexander informed the institution he wouldn’t pick fights or seek trouble with transgender students, but he also wouldn’t stop standing up for his beliefs. The 16-year-old’s suspension expired in January, but officials didn’t allow him to return to the classroom. Instead, the principal, Derek Lennox, excluded him from the school, a form of suspension that isn’t considered a disciplinary action.

For Alexander, that meant he wasn’t to attend school for the rest of the year. The 16-year-old mentioned he wasn’t sure if the exclusion would be lifted at the beginning of the following year. But that didn’t stop him.

Getting Arrested

Despite Principal Lennox excluding him, Alexander decided he would attempt to return anyway. However, that didn’t get him much, aside from a trip in the back of a police car. The 16-year-old tweeted that authorities had detained and charged him. Although the charges are unclear, Alexander violated the principal’s order.

Right or Wrong

Alexander feels that his argument that there are only two genders is correct. In his mind, all he was doing was expressing his beliefs. Unfortunately, the school claims he was bullying other students.

According to his lawyer, James Kitchen, the 16-year-old doesn’t seek out transgender kids to make fun of them or call them names, which the attorney says is how most people interpret bullying. Kitchen mentioned his client states his beliefs in an outgoing manner, both online and in the classroom.

Was it right for the school to suspend a student for standing up for what they believe in? Was it right for Alexander to attend class after being excluded? Perhaps the bigger question here is whether or not incidents like these will become more common as people butt heads over transgenderism.

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