Blue State Turns “BATTLEGROUND” – 40 Year Record?

Biden To Visit

Biden To Visit “Battleground” State That Could Vote Republican First Time in 40 Years

( – As the midterm elections approach, many Democrats are worried. Recent polling has indicated the Democrats will lose their hold on the House of Representatives to the GOP, and the Senate hangs in the balance as well, with 50 members currently representing each party. There are close fights at the state level, too, including Oregon’s gubernatorial race.

President Joe Biden is scheduled to touch down in Oregon this week to stump for Democrat Tina Kotek, who’s looking to take over from the term-limited incumbent Gov. Kate Brown (D). Despite running in a state that hasn’t had a Republican in the governor’s mansion since Victor G. Atiyeh in 1987, Kotek is facing a tough battle. She’s facing off against four other candidates, including Christine Drazan (R) and the unaffiliated Betsy Johnson, both of whom have led in fundraising and media coverage. However, polling and fundraising have put Drazan in a strong position against her Democratic rival.

An Associated Press report on Biden’s campaign engagements this week speculates that his presence is not always an advantage for candidates due to his lack of popularity. He’s not scheduled to visit party colleagues facing difficult elections in Senate races in Arizona and Nevada.

Does this campaign stop by Biden illustrate that Democrats are beginning to worry about the security of their positions in traditional strongholds like Oregon?

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