Blake Masters Running For Senate Again

( – In November 2022, businessman and lawyer Blake Masters (R) ran against Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) for his seat in the Upper Chamber. Although the GOP candidate received a glowing endorsement from former President Donald Trump, he lost. Kelly, a former NASA astronaut, beat his challenger by 5%. The legislator’s term runs until 2029, but there’s another Senate seat up for grabs in 2024, and Masters might try again to represent Arizona.

On August 30, The Wall Street Journal reported that sources familiar with the matter believe the Republican will soon announce his campaign to take Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s (I-AZ) in Congress. It’s unclear if the current senator plans to run again in the upcoming election. If Masters does run, however, he might have to compete with another popular GOP member for the seat — former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

The WSJ stated if Lake decides to put her hat in the ring for the Senate, she would likely be the Republican favorite in the race. Still, her candidacy is not a guarantee. One person already in the running is Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego (AZ) — a former Marine who serves the state’s 3rd district. He won his seat in the House by nearly 80% of the vote in 2022, making him a formidable opponent for Masters, should he run.

During Masters’ last campaign for the Senate, he had trouble raising enough funds to compete with Kelly, who raised more than $70 million. The Daily Wire stated that the shortfall contributed to his loss. Given Gallego’s popularity, the possibility of Lake entering the race, and his campaign money problems in 2022, Masters could have a tough road ahead.

In fact, Arizona GOP strategist Barrett Marson said if Lake enters the race, Masters is “wasting his time.” Still, reports say he is expected to announce his run in the coming weeks.

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